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site information
  AliothNet comes out of a line of Frontier First Encounters sites I have written. The earliest incarnation was just a simple page about a good bounty hunting traderoute. This situation remained for about three years. For some reason, in October 1999, my "muse" tapped me on the shoulder and told me it was time to get on and write first Dublin Citadel, then expand the whole thing to encompass the Alliance as a whole!

  Commander James K. Winston is of course my Elite "alter ego". He's quite like me in most respects, except he's got far fewer morals. In real life, I'm a really nice guy - James isn't always so easy to get along with as you might have gathered if you've read the stories! Cdr. Winston has been my Elite alter-ego since the BBC Micro disc version days. As far as versions of Elite goes, my favorite so far is Frontier: First Encounters. It offers a depth that just wasn't there in earlier Elites, and despite what a lot of people say, combat is actually very good with the Newtownian flight engine so long as you learn how to fly it! People who think the original Elite engine was better just don't know how to fly, period! Well, that's my humble opinion anyway (anyone who cares to disagree can meet my Asp in Riedquat <g>) Of course I had to go with the Alliance. I've always been fiercely independent, and I couldn't stand the jackboot of Imperial tyrany nor the spineless nanny state of the Federation. I'm a Frontiersman by heart.

  The Elite series is simply the best games that have ever come out. What other games have inspired so much fan-fiction? What other games have had musicals written about them? It's a great tribute to the creators, David Braben and Ian Bell, that all this stuff exists. Hopefully, Elite 4 will be a great success, and continue the series in a much better light than FFE did when it came out with all those bugs...

  The biggest shame is of course the spat between David Braben and Ian Bell - together they were a winning combination, like Lennon and McCartney. Still, independently, they are very creative and I wish them both well with all their future endeavors. I think David can succeed with Elite 4 - First Encounters was very inspiring, and so long as David can muster the creative talents within his team, I think he can succeed. Bell, on his website, is talking about writing a game. I hope he does, and I'm intensely curious about what form it will take.

  If you have an Elite site or some fiction, I'd love to hear about it. If you have a site and it's not listed, make sure you add it to the links directory. If you have a story to tell, but no website in which to place it, tell me and I'll put it on AliothNet.

Me turning base-to-final in the Bonanza   Well, after all this, you're probably about to ask if I have a life ;-) Well, yes I do. Here's a picture of me doing what I enjoy the most. As well as powered flying, I enjoy soaring in a glider. I've got a whole website about that too, so if you're interested in flying (who isn't?) then see my flying website - The airport being approached is Houston Gulf, a small general aviation airport in south east Texas, and I'm flying the club's very sexy Beechcraft S-35 Bonanza (those Beech yokes are so nice you just have to fly two-handed <g>)

Just remember to maintain thine airspeed, lest the ground come up and smite thee!

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