POLICING Average. Piracy relatively common.
EQUIPMENT Basic equipment only.
JOINED Alliance founding member. Joined 3230


  Ayanex is a type M, main sequence, red star. None of its planets are suitable for terraforming due the low stellar temperature and the small size of the orbital planets.


  This small and unassuming system was the scene of a significant and well-known civil rights movement. Originally colonized in the mid 2770's, the system was used mainly as a large corporate base for several companies. Later, a civilian government was instituted. However, the government became increasingly corrupt, and by the year 3000, was sliding into a state of totalitarian dictatorship. In 3050, the citizens decided they had put up with enough, and revolted. An extremely limited civil war followed, and by 3055, a new government was in place. However, much to the dismay of the freedom fighters, it wasn't long before the new government was equally as corrupt and dictatorial as the last one. In 3072, another civil war broke out and the latest government was yet again displaced. The system then became peaceful at last. However, history has a bad habit of repeating itself. By 3190, once again, the bad old days were returning. This was swiftly nipped in the bud, and the government was this time replaced by peaceful means. A full constitution was enacted to try and stop this happening again.

  Economically, this system is moderately prosperous. Mining is no longer a large industry. Instead, the system's main staple is manufacturing industry of various types, from heavy plastics to microelectronics and nanomachinery.


  The Ayanex Customs and Excise department take their jobs quite seriously. There are several types of products that are illegal to trade in the system:

  Traders are strongly advised to avoid trading in these items. Customs do not routinely search ships, but often make random stop-checks, and the fines for carrying contraband are severe.