POLICING Average. Piracy relatively common.
EQUIPMENT Basic equipment only
JOINED Alliance founding member. Joined 3230


  Ethwain is a Type M, main sequence, flare star. Originally, the system was unsuitable for any terraformed worlds, but further studies of the star showed its flare activity was relatively benign, especially compared to the flare stars in nearby Olgrea. Terraformation of Ethwain 1 (now Hopi) began in 3089, and after a shaky start, proved successful.


  This system had very little worthy of note until Ethwain 1, now Hopi, was terraformed. Originally settled by a small group who wanted to find peace away from the core systems, the system never became particularly prosperous. Eventually, the original group left. The system was uninabited between 3150 and 3160.

  In 3160, a science team paid a visit to see how the terraformed world of Hopi had coped without the active participation of a human population who had been keeping the upper atmosphere's levels of ozone artificially high. It was found that a few strains of plants were resistant to the outbursts of Ethwain during the flare periods. The relevant genes were analysed, causing a breakthrough in the understanding of life's resistance to certain levels of stellar radiation that was to later aid the terraformation of other planets orbiting flare stars similar to this one.

  The system was resettled in the 3170's, with several industries moving in to take advantage of easy accomodation for the workforce. The system ultimately became an Alliance founder member, and Hopi provides a training ground for the AIS's planetary defence forces.


  The Ethgreeth Customs and Excise department take their jobs quite seriously. There are several types of products that are illegal to trade in the system:

  Traders are strongly advised to avoid trading in these items. Customs do not routinely search ships, but often make random stop-checks, and the fines for carrying contraband are severe.