POLICING Average - piracy relatively common
EQUIPMENT Most types available
JOINED Alliance founding member. Joined 3230


  Hoenin is a ternary system, consisting of a binary pair of type M, main sequence, red stars, and orbiting the pair at 320 AU, a type M flare star. All of the inhabited planets orbit Hoenin C, the flare star. None of the planets are suitable for terraformation due to the extreme amount of hard radiation emitted from Hoenin C during flare periods, and the small sizes of these planets. Hoenin C is one of the most unpredictable and obnoxious flare stars in populated space.

  There is a strong body of evidence that Hoenin C and its planets were originally a completely separate system that became trapped in Hoenin A and B's gravitational pull. The perigee of Hoenin C's orbit is a little under 300 AU's, which is about 37 light-hours. This is quite some distance for a single star to orbit a binary pair, especially considering the small size of Hoenin A and B. Although all stars in the system are Class M, some trace elements found in Hoenin C are not found in A or B.


  The initial population of this system was somewhat unusual. The original settlers arrived in the late 28th century. Their dictatorial leader was the somewhat eccentric and egocentric member of the Duval dynasty, Prince Joreb Duval. Nicknamed Caligula by his contemporaries due to his unusual and seemingly insane decrees that he inflicted on the long suffering colonists, he was eventually overthrown by a civil coup d'etat. The only person this bothered was the Emperor, but the Emperor wasn't all that bothered and never came to reclaim the colony.

  This system is another highly industrialised centre of the Alliance. Many companies have factories in Hoenin system space, producing virtually any manufactured product you can name. The system is also home to the Flare Star Research Institute, who are trying to refine the art of stellar "weather forecasting" to provide colonists in flare star systems more accurate warning of flare activity.


  The Hoenin Customs and Excise department take their jobs quite seriously. There are several types of products that are illegal to trade in the system:

  Traders are strongly advised to avoid trading in these items. Customs do not routinely search ships, but often make random stop-checks, and the fines for carrying contraband are severe.