POLICING Average. Piracy relatively common.
EQUIPMENT Basic equipment types only.
JOINED Alliance founding member. Joined 3230


  Tisoze is a type M, main sequence, red star. No planets in this system are suitable for terraformation. The inner planets are far too cold and small for the process to be successful.


  You might have heard the phrase "I had to go to Timbuktoo and back..." when someone complains that they had to go far too long a distance to do or get something. As a practical joke, the first Administrator of Tisoze decided to call the new (at the time) orbital station "Timbuktoo" simply because Tisoze was so far from anywhere. This was back in 3010.

  Of course, many nearby systems are now populated, so Timbuktoo is no longer particularly far from the rest of populated space. However, the system was the unseemly place for a serious meeting of an Alliance fleet carrier and INRA. Fortunately, when the AJN Bell met an INRA wing during the 3270's, no shots were fired. The incident did spark a serious diplomatic incident between the Alliance and the Federation/Empire cabal. The whole incident turned out to be a storm in a teacup, and relations were normalized very quickly. Unfortunately, the owners of the particular INRA wing didn't take kindly to it being taken prisoner by the AJN Bell.

  The system is now mainly an industrial complex. The most notable corporation is Bendix, a spacecraft guidance and control system manufacturer. This company recently won a contract to supply control systems for 40% of the AJN fleet.


  The Tisoze Customs and Excise department take their jobs quite seriously. There are several types of products that are illegal to trade in the system:

  Traders are strongly advised to avoid trading in these items. Customs do not routinely search ships, but often make random stop-checks, and the fines for carrying contraband are severe.