System Overview

System coordinates: 1,-9

System Data Destination Data

Departure Statistics

Starting balance CR 57373.5

Trip Statistics

Loss from the trip from Ackedze - Ackanti CR -330 (balance CR 85,097)
Number of pirates destroyed None
Cargo scooped None
Repairs/servicing to ship None


  This is where we had our original idea to start the W&G Guide To The Edge. For a frontier system, it was quite surprising we never had any trouble entering this system (both times we did it). This system is a moderately interesting place for a tourist to go; the Ackantian Giant Squid is quite a sight when viewed from the underwater wildlife centre. Other than this, we didn't find much to do out here. Good food can be had at Meldrew's Fish Shop if you're getting bored of the typical bounty hunter's diet of synthesized food. We don't really rate the wine or beer: since all indigenous life is aquatic, the only beer of note we found was Skyler's Kelp Brew. It was rather too fishy to our tastes.