System Overview

System Coordinates: 0,-9

System Data Destination Data

Trip Statistics

Profit from the trip from Andlaeth - Ackedze CR -155 (balance CR 85,427)
Number of pirates destroyed 3
Cargo scooped None
Repairs/servicing to ship None

Gilmour's Comments

23rd June 3264

  Battling only three pirates on the way in, and getting no cargo for our troubles, we finally made it to Scott Hollow which really does live up to its description. The feeble gravity here means magnetic boots are useful, but bring your own because station admin doesn't rent them out.

  Theoretically, this should be a good place in which to conduct some bounty hunting - we probably just got unlucky meeting so few pirates. The system's profile (lack of policing, poor resources attracting traders) should mean that pirates are fairly common and good game for a bounty hunter.