System Overview

System Coordinates: -9,1

System Data Destination Data

Trip Statistics

Profit from the trip from Endaio - Andackio CR 992 (balance CR 83,158)
Number of pirates destroyed 13
Cargo scooped 1t Precious Metals, 1t Fertilizer, 1t Alloys, 1t Nerve Gas, 1t Hand Weapons
Repairs/servicing to ship Serious hull damage repaired, top thruster repaired (cost approx CR 5,000)

Winston's Comments

23rd March 3264

  We had our closest call for the entire trip in this system. A Harris managed to get a good shot at us, depleting the shields and causing some quite serious hull damage. Our top thruster was quite badly damaged in the process, meaning the autopilot was useless for cargo scooping. Fortunately, I keep myself in good practise with doing it manually, so we got a good crop of cargo to offset the cost of the repairs.

  This is a good bounty hunting system - the police have their hands full in the cities, so policing space is left up to the bounty hunters. You have a good chance of making a good profit in this system. Of course, like all anarchies, there are no illegal goods in this system so you needn't worry about picking up something that's contraband.

  We landed at Heath Town on Denver Colony and found the city to be in reasonable shape. Remember to carry a hand weapon when you go into town - someone attempted to mug us, but we soon saw them off. I can really recommend "Raster's Steakhouse" - they had live music, good steaks and imported Riedquatian beers. Since the ship had to be repaired, we had the opportunity of using the major repair facilities. The staff turned out to be very competent, they see quite a large number of combat damaged ships come through their doors.