System Overview

System Coordinates: -1,-10

System Data Destination Data

Trip Statistics

Loss from the trip from Zemien - Andlaeth CR -140 (balance CR 85,582)
Number of pirates destroyed 2
Cargo scooped None
Repairs/servicing to ship None

Gilmour's Comments

13th June 3264

  After fighting a mere two pirates, and not scooping any cargo, we landed at Camp Thompson on Matthewson's Risk. This system's profile suggests that more pirates should be encountered, so I'd say it's a reasonable system in which to bounty hunt.

  Matthewson's Risk is so named because the person who lead the exhibition to Andlaeth when it was first colonized was called Jason Matthewson. He spent all his resources on terraforming the planet that now bears his name - risking his entire livelyhood in the process. The original colonization team just called the planet "Matthewson's Risk" because of this, and the name stuck. Matthewson was in fact pretty successful; the terraforming went well, and the planet is very viable having very Earthlike characteristics. Economically, the system doesn't make a tremendous amount of money, but its inhabitants are at least satisfied.