System Overview

System Coordinates: 1,8

System Data Destination Data

Trip Statistics

Profit from the trip from Ioveso - Anenwa CR 9060 (balance CR 56,340)
Number of pirates destroyed 20
Cargo scooped 1t Industrial Parts, 2t Narcotics, 1t Gemstones, 1t Alien Artefacts
Repairs/servicing to ship Minor hull damage (approx CR 550 to repair)

Gilmour's Comments

18th December 3263

  At last, we saw some action! This leg of the trip turned out to be highly profitable, with lots of good cargo scooped from the twenty pirates who attacked us (fortunately, they didn't attack all at once!) We did sustain some minor hull damage, repaired by a welder who went by the name "Bubba". He did a fine job, and our ship was ready within a couple of hours.

  After battling our way to Judd's Rock and landing at Lee Depot, Bubba got to work with the welding torch leaving us free to roam the station. Gravity is quite low, but not so bad you need boots, but you can tell who are locals and who are offworlders! We found a good place to get something to eat and drink; unfortunately, the food was synthesized, but the prices were reasonable, and the service was good. Once the ship was repaired, we fuelled up and left since there wasn't really a lot to do at Lee Depot. This is certainly a good place for working as a bounty hunter - the police tend to rely on bounty hunters to keep piracy down, so there's good money to be made assisting the police with the job of keeping the system safe.