System Overview

System Coordinates: 3, -3

System Data Destination Data

Trip Statistics

Profit from the trip from Exiool - Edethex CR 1702 (balance CR 57,160)
Number of pirates destroyed 6
Cargo scooped 1t Precious Metals, 1t Robots, 1t Air Processors
Repairs/servicing to ship None

Gilmour's Comments

7th October 3263

  We had no problems travelling to Singh on the planet Finn. We were only attacked by 6 pirates, and they were easy kills. In fact, we got a good return from this trip. No trouble and quite a good profit.

  We landed on Singh, and decided to check out the town. One world of advice: although the town is domed, you do have to get out of the ship into the open air at the spaceport. It is extremely cold. The planetary average is -19 degrees Celcius, and it was -27 when we arrived. I honestly thought tough 'ol Jimmy Winston was going to die of the cold. He turned blue pretty quickly (his homeland is usually around 30 degrees Celcius!).

  Once we got inside, Singh turned out to be quite a nice town. Its founder, Michael Singh, insisted that the architects made everything pleasing to his eye. I think he must have had good aesthetic taste because the town was not the usual eyesore I'm used to seeing out on the Edge. All in all, a good place to go if you're a bounty hunter. I can also recommend trying the local cuisine style called "Balti".