System Overview

System Coordinates: -8,1

System Data Destination Data

Trip Statistics

Profit from the trip from Andackio - Fabean CR 422 (balance CR 83,580)
Number of pirates destroyed 5
Cargo scooped 1t Animal Meat
Repairs/servicing to ship None

Gilmour's Comments

31st March 3264

  We met surprisingly little pirate activity on the way in, but this was probably just because we might have arrived at the wrong time. The system should harbour a decent number of pirates, so it's a recommended system in which to go looking for them.

  Arriving at Miller City, we found it was back to the low-G environments. We had been spoiled by the last few systems - all outdoor worlds with a reasonable amount of gravity. We therefore spent a short amount of time flailing around when we shut the ship's systems down. Fortunately, magnetic boots were available so we could at least go around Miller City. We didn't find anything worthwhile though - like so many systems like this, the only people we found were hard-bitten miners intent on haggling over the price of some rocks they had dragged back from the middle of nowhere.