System Overview

System Coordinates: -5,5

System Data Destination Data

Trip Statistics

Profit from the trip from Liabeay - Faeda CR 5,566 (balance CR 74,505)
Number of pirates destroyed 19
Cargo scooped 1t Animal Meat, 1t Industrial Parts, 1t Medicines, 1t Hand Weapons, 1t Alien Artefacts
Repairs/servicing to ship Repair minor hull damage - cost CR 750

Winston's Comments

1st Feburary 3264

  This system yielded a good crop of pirates, and we made an excellent profit, despite taking some minor hull damage from one of the scarier battles. The cargo we scooped sold for a good price.

  With our experience at Jeffries in the Liabeay system, we were quite prepared for another low-G experience, and this time didn't spend so much energy uselessly flailing about. As is typical with systems like this, there really isn't much to do except bounty hunt - something we can really recommend this system for. The police force comprises of one man named "Shylock", a Rottweiler dog named "Sam" and a thoroughly clapped out early model Viper. He seemed a nice enough sort, and it was amusing to watch the dog in action (who is quite adapted to the low gravity). He can do with all the help you can give him, so bounty hunting is well rewarded here. Bring some dog food while you're at it, the dog gets tired of synthesysed food too!