System Overview

System Coordinates: -10,4

System Data Destination Data

Trip Statistics

Profit from the trip from Canlaen - Ioexho CR 920 (balance CR 82,480)
Number of pirates destroyed 6
Cargo scooped 1t Battle Weapons
Repairs/servicing to ship None

Winston's Comments

6th March 3264

  Another anarchy system with an outdoor world, this makes good bounty hunting territory. We didn't meet a lot of resistance, but I think we probably arrived at the wrong time. Notwithstanding, we made a small profit.

  We encountered yet another world called New California (the old California must have been a popular place). We landed at Fortress Moore to the sound of a gun battle. This has to be the most lawless place I've ever been - keep your hand weapon loaded and ready if you dare venture out of your ship. The town was in a state of advanced decay, and we couldn't find anything worth doing. We loaded up with fuel and left. I'm not sure how long Ioexho is going to remain populated - it certainly seems in the last stages of decline. So come here and bounty hunt while you can - there's good money to be made cleaning up the pirates here.