System Overview

System Coordinates: 2, -6

System Data Destination Data

Trip Statistics

Profit from the trip from Mibea - Ioliaa CR 1987 (balance CR 52991)
Number of pirates destroyed 19
Cargo scooped 1t Animal Skins, 1t Metal Alloys, 1t Robots
Repairs/servicing to ship None

Winston's Comments

9th September 3263

  We had quite a lot of excitement on our way to Gordon's Rock. Not only were we attacked by 19 pirates, one of them happened to be an Imperial Explorer. Unfortunately, we didn't have enough fuel for an emergency hyperspace, so all we could do was stand and fight. A glancing blow from the plasma accelerator on the Explorer stripped our shields in an instant. Fortunately, it was no more than a glancing blow otherwise we'd have been toast. However, once on the Explorer's tail we could just laser his hull away until the ship exploded in a truly spectacular style. Serves him right for not having enough shield generators!

  Congratulating ourselves at surviving the ordeal of getting to Fort Bell on Gordon's Rock, we had a few more small upsets ahead. First, the gravity of Gordon's Rock is extremely weak, making it hard to get around. You can rent a pair of magnetic boots for CR 2 per day - I can really recommend them. Secondly, apparently the Explorer was being commanded by a minor mafia boss who had set up shop at Fort Bell, and unfortunately, the said shop had found out who rubbed their boss out. The ensuing gunfight was rather close, considering how bad I am with hand weapons. We managed to escape - just (unfortunately, I ran a bit too fast and my boots unstuck, and I found myself making a rather long jump, hitting my head on the ceiling in the process). It was just good fortune that the ship was fuelled up and ready to go, so we could leave before they caught up with us. They did give chase with a couple of Sidewinders. We didn't bother engaging them since that would have also had the police coming after us, so we just hyperspaced out of there.

  All things considered, our trip to Ioliaa was successful, and we can recommend this system for bounty hunters. Just watch out for the local mafioso!