System Overview

System Coordinates: -3,6

System Data Destination Data

Trip Statistics

Loss from the trip from Quurol - Liabeay CR -96 (balance CR 68,939)
Number of pirates destroyed 2
Cargo scooped None
Repairs/servicing to ship None

Gilmour's Comments

23rd January 3264

  We met surprisingly little resistance on our way to Jeffries. The two pirates we did run into had fairly good bounties on their heads, meaning we only made a slight loss on this trip.

  Jeffries is a complete contrast to Alison's World. We went from fighting nearly 2.7 G's to almost weightlessness. Jeffries is barely the "barren rocky planetoid" it is described as. I prefer to think of it as a big asteroid.

  We couldn't get magnetic boots here, so we had to just see how we got around with the tiny amount of gravity. It's been too long since I've just drifted around in low gravity, and our first attempts at moving around were quite frankly, comic! James got stuck in mid-air for quite some time until the feeble gravity pulled him back down. With a little practise, we were back in good shape for low-G manoevring, and went out onto the station. The only notable thing about the station is that they had a low-G sports centre to keep the locals happy. Although not as good as the one on we found in LP 658-2, it's still worth a visit.