System Overview

System Coordinates: 3, -13

System Data Destination Data

Trip Statistics

Loss from the trip from Aandex - Liabece CR -348 (balance CR 51,959 )
Number of pirates destroyed 0
Cargo scooped None
Repairs/servicing to ship None

Gilmour's Comments

31 July 3263

  After our misfortune with military fuel at Aandex, we came here, and landed at O'Brienport, New Africa. Winston was at home with the moist, humid air (it's rather like Nirvana (Phekda) he said). However, unlike the Phekda system, we didn't get attacked on our way in. The place was devoid of pirates.

  As for the lack of pirates, I don't think it's due to anything like efficient policing - rather, I think we just happened to arrive at a time when there were none in range. After landing at O'Brienport, we loaded up with military fuel (we did worry that we might not find some here).

  Spending the night here was interesting. Someone did try to mug us as we went around the town looking for something for dinner, but a quick shot from the Ingrams took care of that, and the police dragged the perp off to jail. This goes to stress the point that a hand weapon is useful when going around a town on the Frontier; you never know who is out to get you! We eventually found a decent inn called "Rasputin's Vodka Palace". You only get one guess as to what they serve there! If you don't like the vodka, try a bit of the chicken fried steak. It's good stuff.

  In summary, this is probably not the best system for bounty hunting - other systems typically have more pirates, but it's not a bad place to stay the night and take on fuel.