System Overview

System Coordinates: -5,-6

System Data Destination Data

Trip Statistics

Loss from the trip from Ayqugre - Liaolze CR -5,586 (balance CR 83,016)
Number of pirates destroyed 18
Cargo scooped 1t Metal Alloys, 1t Alien Artefacts, 1t Heavy Plastics
Repairs/servicing to ship Serviced equipment (cost CR 9,300)

Winston's Comments

12th May 3264

  We had a good run in to Fraser, meeting and defeating 18 pirates. It would have been a pretty profitable run, however, I decided it was time that the ships equipement was serviced.

  I found that the repair depot was very competent, since they are used to seeing many a battle-damaged craft arriving. We had no battle damage, so it was a pretty quick job checking the equipment, making sure everything was properly lubricated and that all the connections were secure to the ship's power supply. The naval ECM emitters had to be replaced, but the repair station had the parts on hand so it was no problem getting the job done.

  Other than that, there is nothing remarkable about Newtown on the planet Fraser. There's a reasonable inn called "Starkeys" where the bounty hunters tend to hang out after a tough day battling the pirates in this system, so it's at least worth getting out of your ship.