LP 658-2

System Overview

System Coordinates: 2,0

System Data Destination Data

Trip Statistics

Loss from the trip from Anphiex - LP 658-2 CR -212 (balance CR 56,353)
Number of pirates destroyed 1
Cargo scooped 1t Metal Alloys
Repairs/servicing to ship None

Winston's Comments

26th October 3263

  LP 658-2 is astronomically interesting. It's a white dwarf, and still has the name given to it by the ancient (and mostly forgotten) International Astronomical Union from the early technological age on Earth.

  The eastern edge doesn't stretch very far from the core systems, so this edge system is only a couple of sectors from Sol. We didn't see much activity from pirates in this system, only fighting one (who exploded right in our face, so we collected some metal alloys). We set down at Scott on Heathworld. This planet doesn't have much in the way of gravity, so once again, Scott has metal flooring and magnetic boots can be rented from starport administration. However, the starport authorities have decided to turn the low gravity situation into some fun - there is an active and popular low-G sports centre, where everything from volleyball to tennis is played in a low-G situation. It's very entertaining to watch, and even more entertaining to play. I tried my hand at low-G tennis and found a good powerful serve could actually knock you back a couple of meters if you weren't careful! The fun of this offset the minor loss we made on this trip for sure. I really recommend visiting this system just for the sports centre.