System Overview

System Coordinates: 2, -8

System Data Destination Data

Trip Statistics

Profit from the trip from Canfati - Mibea CR 4409 (balance CR 51,004)
Number of pirates destroyed 22
Cargo scooped 1t Alien Artefacts, 1t Animal Skins, 2t Medicines, 1t Industrial Parts, 1t Alloys, 1t Nerve Gas
Repairs/servicing to ship None

Gilmour's Comments

26 August 3263

  Now this is a place to go bounty hunting! I've come through this system once or twice, and it's never failed to yield a decent crop of pirates. We made a good profit coming through here this time. It's quite a tough trip taking on 22 pirates (up to 4 at a time), so you need a well-armed ship if you're coming through here.

  We landed at Eckhardville on the planet Gold. It's a typical spaceport, with a maze of underground tunnels, a couple of domes, and a few thousand people living and working there. We found it to be a safe place to wander around despite the hostilities on the way in (probably because anyone who makes it in is armed to the teeth, so nobody wants to cause trouble). There were a couple of good places to get something to eat and spend the night - we found quite a good nightclub called "B's". The beer was overpriced and tasteless there, but they at least played good music and had a decent atmosphere (just watch out for the puke on the pavement outside where someone's had one too many dodgy beers). The Eckhardville Sushi Bar is quite good too if you're into raw fish imported from Merlin in the Ross 154 system.