System Overview

System Coordinates: 2,5

System Data Destination Data

Trip Statistics

Profit from the trip from Aymiay - Phekda 538 CR (balance 47802 CR )
Number of pirates destroyed 8
Cargo scooped 1t Hand Weapons
Repairs/servicing to ship None

Winston's Comments

28th November 3263.

  We spent the evening at Newtown. Newtown, on the planet Nirvana is of course my birthplace, so I went to my family's farm and spent a couple of nights with my family. It's not often I get to do this! Suprisingly enough, I found out that my older brother, Damon, had started a shipyard business just a couple of weeks earlier and already had three ships on display at his shipyard just next to Newtown Spaceport. So if you're looking for a good ship to do you're bounty hunting in, please visit the Newtown Shipyard!

  Newtown isn't the most pleasant town I've been to, notwithstanding being my hometown. Fortunately, its decay has ceased at least for now since trade has picked up in the system. We didn't suffer many attacks from pirates on our way in - it turns out that a local militia has formed to try and restore Phekda to its former prosperity when it was first colonized in the 28th Century.

  Newtown has a number of interesting places to visit. The Phekda Museum has a detailed history of the system from initial colonization to the present day. The collapse of law and order is well covered. There are a great number of bars and restaurants in the city which serve real (not synthesized) food, all farmed locally. I can really recommend "Redneck Joe's" which serves good beef along with a pint (that's half a litre to offworlders) of decent beer (I recommend the Sierra Nirvana Amber Ale). Newtown doesn't have any seasonal variation, so the weather has a fairly constant subtropical feel, with some humidity and afternoon thunderstorm buildups (avoid flying directly through one of Nirvana's thunderstorms; they can be quite violent). Anywhere on Nirvana has quite an interesting night (and sometimes day, depending on where Nirvana is in its orbit) sky with the spectacular sight of Phekda 6 often in view. At night, Phekda 6 casts an eerie red glow over the town. Phekda 6 often eclipses Phekda, which is a sight worth seeing. As always when visiting a system like this, it is very worthwhile carrying a hand weapon whilst walking the streets. We didn't get mugged, but Newtown's local undesirables can recognise the locals (like myself) and tend to leave us alone (we have a habit of getting revenge if they don't!). They often do not show this same restraint towards offworlders!