System Overview

System Coordinates: -3, -6

System Data Destination Data

Trip Statistics

Profit from the trip from Liaolze - Riedquat 2394CR (balance 85410 CR )
Number of pirates destroyed 13
Cargo scooped 1t Hand Weapons, 1t Nerve Gas, 1t Farm Machinery
Repairs/servicing to ship None

Gilmour's Comments

19th May 3264

  Reidquat is an astronomically interesting system, as are the immediately surrounding systems (such as Lave and Leesti). Millions of years ago, these systems lost their outer planets, leaving a single rocky planet behind. The reason this happened is still unknown; researchers still have no leads as to why this might have happened. Speculation abounds however - everything from ancient wars to Thargoid activity has been suggested as the answer.

  The planet Waterloo in this system contains no starports, so the only place you can land and trade is La Soeur du Dan Ham station. However, it's worth dropping down to Waterloo and flying around - it's a beautiful planet with only a few human settlements.

  If you're a bounty hunter, La Soeur du Dan Ham is a great place. It's kind of the meeting point for bounty hunters from many surrounding systems, and you can always tag up with your kind and swap lies about your exploits out on the frontier! The "World's End" bar is the normal meeting stop - you have to put up with synthesized food, but the beer is really second to none. Riedquat has a reputation for being a producer of beer, despite the piracy. The local brews are exported all over the galaxy.

  The best time to go to La Soeur du Dan Ham is during the "Riedquat Fly-In and Beer-Fest", held every New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. The pirates have a real headache on this day, because bounty hunters flock to the system to have a good time, and of course are looking to make a buck and increase their Elite rating on the way in. Pirates are pretty much banished from La Soeur du Dan Ham by the high concentration of bounty hunters, but for some reason, they still insist on hanging around the edge of the system to try and catch unwary traders. I can really recommend Riedquat to any bounty hunter.