System Overview

System Coordinates: -3,-7

System Data Destination Data

Trip Statistics

Loss from the trip from Riedquat - Sowaio CR -249 (balance CR 85,161)
Number of pirates destroyed 2
Cargo scooped 1t Metal Alloys, 1t Narcotics
Repairs/servicing to ship None

Gilmour's Comments

26th May 3264

  We only encountered two pirates on our way to Millerport on Lloyd's Colony. This yielded some cargo, but we could only sell the Metal Alloys since nobody was buying the narcotics (it later turned out that they were illegal in this system).

  We took a good look around Millerport. The local farming community keeps the town well supplied, so there's plenty of places for a weary bounty hunter to go and get something good to eat. However, the locals seem very suspicious of off-worlders - almost to the extent of the disdain shown by citizens of the Empire. Consequently, we didn't find anywhere where bounty hunters tend to group up, so we left fairly quickly.