System Overview

System Coordinates: 3,-11

System Data Destination Data

Trip Statistics (Inbound Trip)

Loss from the trip from Ackanti - Zeanla CR -4,696 (balance CR 52,677)
Number of pirates destroyed 15
Cargo scooped 1t Animal Meat
Repairs/servicing to ship Equipment serviced, autopilot repaired.

Trip Statistics (Outbound Trip)

Profit from the trip from Liabece - Zeanla CR 1,011 (balance CR 52,970)
Number of pirates destroyed 5
Cargo scooped 2t Animal Meat, 1t Hand Weapons, 1t Alien Artefacts
Repairs/servicing to ship Reverse thruster repaired.

Winston's Comments

16th July 3263 and 9th August 3263

  We had the privilege of visiting this system twice after our problem with the military fuel (and lack thereof) in the Aandex system. Both times we met pirates - the first run netting 15, and the second only netting 5 (but proving more profitable, since we didn't have to service the ship - we just had some minor thruster repairs to carry out).

  On both trips, we stopped of at Alison on Emerald. We found a good place to hang out with other bounty hunters where they served good beer (what more could you ask for?) so the second time around, we thought we'd catch up with our new friends there. Emerald is quite a pleasant world, and the system caters for the bounty hunter well. I can recommend a visit to any bounty hunter.