Cobra Mk. III   The Cobra Mk.3 is a highly recognisable ship in space. Countless thousands were built, and new ones are still built by Faulcon DeLacy as well as under license by other shipyards. New Rossyth Shipyards builds the Cobra Mk.3 for AJN members under license from the designers.

  The Cobra is a very space efficient design when fitted with custom equipment, and it was natural for the AJN to take the ship into widespread squadron service. Extremely popular with its pilots, it is used in both a long-range defence variant fitted with a Class 3 military drive of AAAI design, plus a short-range version with no hyperdrive carried externally by Valiant class battlecruisers. The civilian version is extremely popular with traders and bounty hunters alike due to its versatility as a cargo carrier and a weapons platform. The Cobra Mk.3 was named "Ship of the Century" in "What Spaceship?" magazine in a recent poll, and with good reason.

The following variants are employed in AJN service:

The FGA.1 variant is a pirates nightmare: with no hyperdrive, this ship packs an unrivalled punch from its 525 n.m. 4MW new technology dual beam laser. It also carries a seriously large compliment of custom-fit shield generators making it a difficult craft to attack at best. The T.7 variant comes fully equipped as the F.7 with the exception that it includes a second crewmember position at the expense of fuel. Currently the TSCA has 37 T.7's in use as an advanced combat trainer. No other AJN member uses the T.7 at present.