Eagle Mk.3    The Eagle Mk.3 is a versatile small interceptor. The Eagles in the AJN fleet are deployed as escorts, small fighters, carrier-bound ships and advanced combat trainers. AAAI builds the Eagle under licence, even though the Empire now refuses to sell Couriers/Explorers to the AJN (presumably, they don't believe the Eagle to represent a threat in Alliance hands).

  A small number of Eagles are used as advanced combat manoevering trainers; most of the fleet is on active duty as interceptors/escorts for transports and ground assault craft. A small number has been made "stealthy" by redesigning certain parts of the hull to make detection harder - these ships are employed to perform intelligence missions into hostile territory.

The current variants are:

The E.1 uses special drive technology designed specifically for the stealty version of the Eagle. The T.1 and F.6 are equipped with an interplanetary prime-mover drive only. When used as escorts, they are attached to the vessel they are escorting to travel through witch-space.