Harris   The Harris is a more recent addition to the AJN fleet, entering fleet service in 3272. Currently built at Ankermann shipyards in Titican, it was built primarily as a self-sufficient deep space interdiction craft. Equipped with a Lance and Ferman deep space scanner, it is designed as a forward defence craft to prevent trouble before it starts. Typically, most of the Harris fleet are carrying out defence missions and border patrols ensuring that hostile powers cannot attempt to take Alliance members by suprise. These border patrols have proven worthwhile since they have detected several INRA infiltration attempts into systems on the Alliance frontiers. The three-person crew ensures that the ship can remain in deep space for months at a time by working in shifts.

The following variants are employed in AJN service:

Both the T.2 and F.3 contain a "Quest" technology Class 3 military drive, freeing more space for equipment and the life support necessary for extended missions. Generally, F.3's on patrol will be in flights of three or more. The commissioning of the F.3 has cut down piracy in the outlying regions of system space significantly across the Alliance, since the crews typically investigate any ships that appear to be either INRA or just lurking with intent.