Hawk   The Hawk is the AJN's primary trainer for ab-inito students. It is used to teach basic aerodynamics for atmospheric operations, atmospheric combat manoevering and ground strikes. Additionally, some of the fleet is equipped for space travel, and is used for basic space combat training. Economical to operate, this small craft is built by Vincent Aerospace in Vega.

  The TSCA has a compliment of 200 Hawks - 95 based at Dublin Citadel, and the rest at Old Curie on Hope. The Hawks generally carry only inert weaponry. Laser attacks are simulated. The aircraft have sensors placed on the fuselage, tail and wings to detect weapon strikes during mock combat manoevering.

  The Hawk is also used as a personal transport for officers at the TSCA to travel between Dublin Citadel and Hope.

Current variants are:

The T.1 is not powered by a typical spacecraft prime mover; instead it is powered by two turbine engines which are vastly cheaper to operate than space capable prime movers. The T.1 lacks vertical takeoff capability, instead it uses a runway. The T.4 prime mover is built using class-4 technologies, but no hyperspace capability is available.