Quest class   The Quest is one of the most recognisable large ships in the galaxy, largely owing to the historic Thargoid missions in the 3250's. The size of this ship allows it to be impressively equipped for deep space missions. The Quests supplied to the AJN are equipped with the latest refinement of the class 4 drive, capable of sending the ship over distances other forces can only dream of. The Quest has been available in a civilian version for quite some time, but without the new technology drive (which the Alliance decided to keep to itself after the secuirty implications of allowing these drives to go on the free market was considered). The Quest is typically used as a long range support craft, ensuring the Alliance's supply lines can remain open over vast distances, even if hostile forces block the routes used by conventional spacecraft. It has also been used as an intelligence gathering platform.

The current variants are:

Typically all variants of the Quest carry 4 crewmembers. However, space is provided for up to 6 crewmembers to allow long-term missions to be carried out. The E.4 carries an external pod with rescue and winch equipment. Many a stranded spacefarer in Alliance systems has been given a tow to safety by an E.4, something that seldom happens in Federation or Imperial space. The search and rescue type gets the "E" designation due to its advanced avionics systems designed to pick up even the weakest distress signals. The KC.4 supercedes the KC.3, and has superior refuelling capability. All KC.3's had been upgraded to be KC.4's by 3291. The KC.4 can carry any mixture of supplies and fuel since it uses the standard cargo canister for both purposes.