Saker III

Saker   The Saker has been an extremely successful design in the civilian market as a small trader/bounty hunter. It is also the New Rossyth shipyard's first successful "native" design. Thought to be a little wimpy by many due to its small size, it has been used very successfully by the AJN once custom equipment had been designed for the ship. The AJN versions are mainly carrier based, and so do not need space for a hyperdrive (instead they use a custom-built AAAI prime-mover). The hyperspace-capable support variety uses a drive derived from the class 4 military drive.

The current variants are:

Should it become necessary, trainer versions can be used in combat conditions. Currently, the TSCA at Dublin Citadel has a fleet of 35 T.3's and 60 T.4's for advanced combat training. Individual systems have varying fleets of the two trainer types, mainly T.4's. Most AIS members have a substantial number of FGA.1's in their defence fleets.