The Valiant class was developed in response to the Veliaze Crisis. It looks like a bulk carrier because that is precisely what it is. Without the time to develop a new ship, the AAAI shipyards at New Rossyth had to rapidly turn the commercial freighters into capable battleships. Surprisingly for such a rushed design, the Valiant class has proven to be an extremely capable battlecruiser on a par with its Federation and Imperial counterparts. The ships are usually outfitted with 12 large plasma accelerators, routed through gimballed turrets. Propulsion is provided by three custom built AAAI prime-movers and 15 bridged Class 4 hyperdrive systems. The amount of equipment packed into the hull leaves little room for living accomodation, and the ships are rather cramped. Good shift planning by the administrative office is employed to ensure that crew rest and rosters are scheduled such that the ship's space is utilized to the maximum.

All the ships are equipped with external docking clamps so they can act as a limited form of carrier and resupply ship, being able to handle ships up to the size of the Asp. The hyperspace capability of this vessel allows it to hyperspace with externally attached ships, allowing defence craft to be carried. This means the defence craft need no hyperdrive and have more room for defensive equipment. The usual load is 40 Cobra, Harris or Asp type vessels plus support crews on this kind of mission.

Valiant class fleet details
Reg. no. Name Details
AW-004 Argent Defence supply and support, crew compliment of 760.
BX-109 Fearless Former flagship (replaced by a Victor of the same name). Demilitarized and returned to civilian service.
BX-115 San Tropez Repaired after a collison with "Indomitable" in 3297. Serious metallurgical flaws in its structure were discovered in September 3301, being officially withdrawn from service on the 30th September 3301. The ship was moved under its own power to the AJN Naval Museum in Olgrea during May 3303.
BX-116 Seamus Assigned to the TSCA at Gateway for crew training with a crew of 1100 until November 3301. Serious metallurgical flaws found during its annual inspection, and the ship was officially withdrawn in December of that year, and cut up by the Vic Reed scrapyard 25th April 3303.
BX-118 Echo Forward defence configuration, carrying 40 Asps. Crew of 1145.
AZ-026 Exeter Reconfigured as a long-range tactical transport. Crew of 425.
LW-989 Ajax Forward defence variant, crew of 1125.
TQ-233 Repulse Forward defence variant, crew of 1140.
ER-209 Bounty Scrapped after receiving serious damage whilst repelling an INRA attack when Veliaze joined the Alliance in 3262. Replaced by the Victor class "Hood".
ER-225 Braben Currently undergoing refit at New Rossyth shipyard in Alioth.
KV-099 Lexington Forward defence variant, currently performing peacekeeping duties around Valhalla. Crew compliment of 1090.
KV-100 Vincent De-militarized and returned to civilian service in 3274.
UX-872 Enterprise Scrapped in 3288 after unusually high metal fatigue found in the main pressure bulkheads. Replaced by Victor class "Ark Royal".
WP-646 Eastwood Destroyed by a high-speed collision with Phekda 6 in 3269. All hands escaped after it became apparent that the collision was unavoidable.
QF-101 Bell De-militarized and returned to civilian service in 3280. Replaced by Victor class "Warspite".
QZ-766 Hunter De-militarized and returned to civilian service in 3281. Replaced by Victor class "Sovereign".
QZ-767 Eagle Forward defence variant. Crew compliment of 1030.
QZ-768 Manchester Tactical supply variant. Crew of 580.
QZ-769 Lion Disappeared under unusual circumstances whilst travesing sector -12,3 in 3276. Crew compliment of 1015. Deep space exploration variant.
YU-232 Liverpool Tactical supply variant. Crew of 600.
SD-092 Beamont Mobile command post. Crew compliment of 130.
SV-443 Rochester Vessel underwent comprehensive refit in January 3296 after suffering fatigue damage. New technology engines fitted, returned to AJN service late March 3296.
SV-444 Ramsgate De-militarized and returned to civilian service in 3294. Scheduled to be replaced by a Victor class by 3300.
GH-011 Excelsior Deep space exploration variant. Crew compliment of 990, comprising of 150 operational crew and 840 scientific/research crewmembers.
JW-210 Excalibur Forward defence variant. Crew compliment of 1025.