Victor class   Very similar in appearance to the Valiant class, the Victor has a number of refinements to its structure. After the success of the Valiant, the AJN Procurement Adminstration decided an upgraded Valiant would fill a longer term requirement of the AJN. The Victor was designed from the ground up by New Rossyth Shipyards and bears little structural similarity to its predecessor. These ships are an awesome sight in space, dwarfing even Dublin Citadel. Crew compliment depends on the mission. The ship can function with as few as 30 crew members. The more usual operational crew compliment is around 70 with as many 2000 other support personnel. The ship can remain in deep space for years at a time with a full crew compliment. The vessel can also serve as a carrier. All Victors carry a few other spacecraft (usually Sakers or Viper II), but the AJN Ramillies, Warspite, Hood and Ark Royal are configured as full time carriers holding up to 250 Saker F.4 space defence craft plus their support crews. All Victors are equipped with docking clamps with integral fuel bays to support larger ships. The larger ship lands on the upper surface of the Victor and is resupplied via an automatic system. A Victor with three Explorers piggybacked taking supplies is rather reminiscent of a pig feeding its piglets, hence the crews have started nicknaming the Victor the BUFS (standing for "Big Ugly Fat Swine").

  Propulsion is provided by three custom prime mover thrust drives developed by AAAI, and hyperspace capability is provided by multiple bridged Class 4 military drives utilizing Quest technology. The hyperdrive capability varies depending on the mission. Standard defences consist of 16 batteries of quad-beam 525 n.m. new technology lasers rated at 0.5GW each.

Victor class fleet details
Reg. no. Name Details
VT-506 Fearless AJN Flagship. Current crew compliment of 2014.
MN-419 Ramillies Delivered 9th Aug 3296. Long range fleet carrier with a crew compliment of 1900.
VT-507 Warspite Long range fleet carrier, crew compliment of 1750.
VT-517 Hood Long range fleet carrier, crew compliment of 1750
QS-817 Ark Royal Long range fleet carrier, crew compliment of 1900
NC-025 Indomitable Tactical supply vessel. Recently repaired after colliding with AJN San Tropez during a training mission.
BK-117 Sovereign Long-range tactical command and support. Crew compliment of 550.
MN-278 Conqueror Long-range fleet carrier assigned to Phekda. Crew compliment of 1675. Newest in the fleet; delivered 16th June 3303.