Two Asps approach a white dwarf  
  IF you need to find out where to go in today's universe, the guidebooks here tell you what's around. The Alliance Atlas is a comprehensive guide to every system in the Alliance, including the history, astronomical makeup and other significant aspects of the systems in question. Included are comprehensive starmaps based on population, policing and the presence of outdoor worlds.

  However, if you're looking for adventure, Winston & Gilmour's Guide to the Edge has exactly what you want. Winston and Gilmour went on a bounty hunting trip, and documented the systems they passed through in detail, including information on where to stay, what to do and how many pirates there were to clean up.

Photo: Two Asps approach Laurla B in a left echelon formation.

The Alliance atlas
A guide to every system in the Alliance: the 3296 Edition. Covers the newest Alliance system, Phekda.
W&G's Guide
Winston and Gilmour's Guide to the Edge. This is the first edition of the pair's epic bounty hunting tour.

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