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Dublin Citadel   Welcome to the Home of the Alliance, Commander. This site on the Galactic Information Network will tell you all you need to know about the Alliance of Independent Systems. This site is host to the Alliance Joint Navy's Turner Space Combat Academy, the premier space combat training organization of the galaxy. We are also host to the Frontier News, keeping you up to date on life out on the frontier. We also have the galaxy's most comprehensive and definitive guidebooks: W&G's Guide to the Edge, along with the Alliance Atlas. We also have stories from the frontier to entertain and inspire you, including Commander James K. Winston's journal. Enjoy your visit, whether you're Imperial, Federation or aligned with nobody else!

Don't forget to visit the Frontier News for the latest happenings in the world.

Be sure to try out the Frontier News Bulletin Board. Post your thoughts about anything to do with Elite.

NEW! "...but a walking shadow, poor player", by Ben Peake. See "Out on the Edge".

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DUBLIN CITADEL: Home of the Turner Combat Space Academy. Learn how to perform combat second-to-none with the combat instruction that no bounty hunter should be without.

the frontier news

Find the latest on what's going on in the Galaxy, or what's just going on around the Web. Updated as news comes in.

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IF you're a bounty hunter looking for a new place to ravage the pirates, or just looking for adventure, or maybe you need to find out about the structure of the Alliance, our guidebooks have what you're after.

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VISIT AliothNet's unique LinksDir, allowing you to select the best sites on the Galactic Information Net by category. The Elite Ring and Fiction Ring allow you to visit like-minded sites in order or at random.

out on the edge

READ what other commanders have been doing on the Frontier. Find out what really happened to the AJN Lion, and the terror of space psychosis. New: Walking Shadow, by Ben Peake.

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Contact AliothNet's staff, sign the Pilot's Log, find out more about AliothNet and meet the real Commander James Winston.

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