Welcome to Andreas Gliding Club

Gliding is a recreational activity and competitive air sport in which pilots fly unpowered aircraft known as gliders or sailplanes. The sport is clean and environmentally friendly using only thermal energy provided by the sun either directly from the heating of the ground or indirectly by the winds that pass over hills and mountains to remain airborne. The word soaring is also used for the sport which has its origins in the 1920s.

Great distances can be flown, flights of over 300km are regularly achieved in the UK with heights in excess of 30,000ft possible, all without and engine but by the skilful use of the energy that nature provides.

When we restart operations come and experience silent flight. You won't forget it.


27th October 2021 - Covid 19 Update - PROGRESS!!

A BGA inspector was with us on 23 Oct 2021 and we now have legal aircraft again. However we're not there yet - please see our Facebook page below for further details

We'll be back - but it's going to be different!

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