welcome to the alliance joint navy

AJN Shield Welcome to the Turner Space Combat Academy, THE best space combat school in the known galaxy. The Turner Academy is the primary training centre for the Alliance Joint Naval Forces. Based in both the Alioth and Gateway systems, our mission is to train the best combat pilots in the galaxy, with priority given to training the AJN and the police forces of systems affiliated with the AIS. Additionally, on a time-available basis, we have training classes for traders and bounty hunters who wish to maximize their chances when encountering pirates in the less stable systems of the Frontier. We hope you enjoy your visit to the Academy. If you do not have the time or the credits to join one of our advanced combat training courses, you may like to browse our free online combat guides which are taken from our ground training classes.

-- Commander James K Winston (Elite): Turner Space Combat Academy Commander, March 3296.

about the alliance joint navy
The following sections have some information about our establishment, and the commander of the station, Cdr. James K Winston. The existence of the Academy is strongly rooted in the recent and turbulent history of the past 50 years. Cdr. James K. Winston was instrumental in making the Academy what it is today - to find out more about him, please visit the Out on the Edge exhibit.

Due to popular demand, we've just added a Spotter's Guide to AJN Ships In Space. This has everything you need to know to recognise an AJN ship either in deep space or parked in the dock. And of course, the rumours that the AJN's SuperJoust laser system is derived from Thargoid technology can neither be confirmed nor denied!

The turning point
The Alliance Joint Navy and the Turner Space Combat Academy came of age after the Veliaze Crisis, a turning point in the Alliance's short history.
The fleet
The Alliance Joint Navy employs many different ship types in its fleet, from the diminutive Hawk to the behemoth Victor and Valiant class cruisers.
Cdr. winston
The Turner Space Combat Academy chief has always lived in interesting times. Discover some of his background.

combat techniques & equipment
Lanner go boom This section contains a guide, taken directly from our groundschool syllabus, of the combat techniques that have been recognised as the most successful in the Galaxy. We cannot publish the classified procedures used for AJN and police training, so the techniques publish here are designed for single ship combat situations, such as are commonly experienced by lone-wolf bounty hunters and traders. The information contained is mainly directed at bounty hunters due to the unsuitability as fighters that most large trade ships suffer.

It's all relative!
A tutorial on relative movement. This is required reading for all combateers. It includes exercises to improve your handling of a spacecraft relative to other spacecraft and objects.
Full Manual Control
If you use JJFFE 2.2 or newer, here's some additional "Flying Relative" instruction which will show you how to use all the thrusters that your ship has. (Includes a savegame).
Combat techniques
Information on how the lone-wolf combateer can improve their odds of survival.
How to go about intercepting other ships, and how the pirates do it to you. It's easy once you know how.
Planetary Combat
Military bombing and recon photo missions involve combat close to the ground. This is our guide with how to not let the ground come up and smite you!
Ships & Equipment
Cdr. Winston's five favorite combat ships from small to large, and equipment recommendations for surviving on the Frontier with these craft.
Combat Trade Route
Details of Cdr. Winston's favorite combat and trade route from his bounty hunting days. Not only is the trade good, but you can improve your Elite rating by following this route.

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